Friday, March 27, 2009

In Medias Res (part 1)

I ordered her to kneel on the bed, knees at the end, and lay forward with her arms outstretched. I told her I wanted her to display her ass for me.  She has an incredible ass - it is round and she can move it however I like.  I never would have thought I would have been into an ass so much, but I love it.  I love looking at it, I loved seeing it as I pulled her panties down, I love arranging her so I can tease it with my fingers.  I love how tight it is. I love how I am getting better at fucking it, and she is  getting better at being fucked in it.  I love doing what I please with that incredible ass. 

Tonight I wanted to teach her that I like being in control of her and knowing that - when we are playing this role - she accepts that things will happen to her that only I can control.  It is important to me that she know this.  She is tested every day outside the bedroom and tries hard to do well, so it is important to me that she take the tests I put her through seriously.  I want to know that she wants me enough to try her best, that she trusts me enough to let go of control over what happens to her, and that she will do what I ask without trying to re-take control when she shouldn't.  If we ever decided that I should share my control of her with someone else, I need to know that she would not make me feel powerless by manipulating me in front of someone else. I imagine being able to submit that like is difficult, but I am willing to train her to do that for me. 

I told her I planned to spank her incredible ass twenty times.  This, like many things I am planning to do to her, could not be controlled.  No amount of manipulation on her part could make it stop.  I began spanking her, first on the right side, than on the left.  I alternated sides to let her know that I was interested in teaching her, not hurting her.  I struck hard because she likes it hard.  I love feeling my hand strike her ass.  I love watching her cry out when I beat her sore ass and make it hurt.  I loved it so much that I changed my plan to be gentle and focused on the left side of her ass.  I hit it harder so I could hear her cry out.  I tried to make her incredible ass more red and more tender.  She could barely maintain the position I had ordered her into, but she did.  It made me feel good to know that even if I changed my plans, she accepted what I told her was going to happen and let it happen despite the uncertainty, discomfort and pain.

I like having a strong bottom.  It will make me a stronger top.  

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